Sunday, October 05, 2014

Fun happenings at the Baker House:
Our dog Ginny, a teacup poodle, had two puppies a 10 weeks ago. We have loved loved loved these little ladies at our house. They are yorkie poos and are all black which we find to be so fun. 

Grandma and Grandpa Baker came to visit and we enjoyed every minute of it!

They spoil our amigos! 

We went bowling as a family for Labor Day. Fun times! Cole was the winner. 

We play some mean games of pen the pig and UNO here!

Luke turned 6! Here he is opening his card from Grandma and Grandpa Baker. 

I made maple bars for his class and it was a hit with Luke!

Minon cake as requested. 

Cowboy day at school. 

We had a very sick baby for a week and we are so glad he is feeling better!

Tad and I got to go the temple for a date and to Outback. Yum!

Blake discovered Oreos. I think he liked them. 

Austin got an academic award for his classroom. So proud!

Luke got an student of the month for the kintergardeners. Which is quite the honor I found out when we got there. Pretty cool!

Soccer season is great and we are enjoying it! 

Saturday Austin had a jamboree about 30 minutes away from Othello for soccer. He played two games in the morning. They weren't very good games, so that stinked. Then we had a break for about 2 1/2 hours. We were debating on what to do go home or find food and entertainment. Everything was going to cost money, but we are trying to be frugal to save for our trip to Disneyland coming soon. We were driving and I saw Home Depot. I said, "Tad don't they usually have a free craft on the first Saturday of every month there?" So we decided to check it out. Oh my word we hit the JACKPOT! They had these adorable EMT ambulance wood vehicles for the kids to build, paint, and put stickers on. We got to see a fire truck shoot water, they got to go in a military vehicle. It was so cool. To top off the fun they had free hot dogs, chips, and pop. We got lunch for free too!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Baker family didn't know it, but we totally love sweet cherry season here. What a treat! We have enjoyed picking, eating, freezing, and making fruit leather with cherries. We have also enjoyed sharing cherries with those we go see. Who knew!

Trip to McCall for birthday/anniversary celebration:

Me and Cole with my lemon meringue birthday pie. 

Enjoying our beautiful niece, Sammy. 

Nick and Kim came to the cabin to watch our little men so that Tad and I could have a day to ourselves. We had so much fun. We went on a stupid Ranger ride and it was FREEZING, but it was fun just being with him. Then we went to a hot springs, had treats in downtown McCall, and a lovely kayaking time.  It was great and such a treat since we usually have to pay a lot of money to leave our kids of just a little tiny bit. The cost of living next to no family I guess. 

                                      Got to love Nick teaching them to fish. 
We love ourselves a ranger ride. 

Baby screaming on the way home. We were a little crazy! 

Next trip for the Smith Family Reunion in Ashton, ID

A lovely visit in Iona with my wonderful friends from the street we lived on. I missed these special ladies!

4th July Parade in Ashton, Idaho. It was fun. 

I'm super in love with giant bubbles. Yes, me, the lady who just turned 30! They are so cool I brought them to share at the family reunion. 

A little piƱata action. Luke and Austin loved all of the fun kid festivities. I didn't get a picture of their bingo loot, but man are they still cherished! 

My men all snuggled. I love them!

 A little sneak peak of our family photo shoot. We actually we have to redo our family picture so it will be a while. The darn picture wasn't in focus enough to blow up for our wall…bummer we were all smiling.  However we got some great individual shots!

Me with my beautiful frame that my siblings gave me for my birthday. I have wanted the Baker sign that Smitty and Markie brought me from Hawaii framed for the last 3 years. I'm so excited it is framed and looking good on my wall. 

I GREW these! We love love love our little garden. It is such a joy to us. The boys and I check on everything growing everyday.  

Uncle Smitty gave the boys these cool wood kits to build a helicopter and submarine. It was a huge hit with my builders. Of course they needed to add color. Such creativity we are fostering in this home. I hope it pays off someday.

I love this silly creature here. This is how he went to swimming lessons this week to watch his brothers. For the love look at that bed head! 

Here is the boys with their good friends that live behind us. They ask everyday to pick a carrot and eat them. The joys of a garden. I can't resist letting them.  

  My lilies! Oh how I love me a lily. Luke and I love plants and we are just enjoying these lilies blooming. Here is Luke and I smelling them. 

Um that baby is rather loved at this house. 

Tad's fathers day present. If only he thought it was cool….

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